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Anthony Buono is a Certified Rolfer™ and New York State Licensed and insured massage therapist. He is a graduate of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration and the Swedish Institute College of Health and Sciences.

Like many of my colleagues my initial experience with Rolfing came as a client. I was working as a massage therapist, running at least five miles 5-6 times a week, and playing bass guitar in my spare time. These activities were cumulatively contributing to a lower back issue that would occasionally flare up and put me out of commission for 7-10 days .

After trying other treatments and modalities with varying degrees of success I decided to give Rolfing Structural Integration a try. Somewhere along the 10 series the pain went away, I felt different in my body, stronger and taller. I also had a new awareness I had never experienced before. After experiencing the power of Rolfing I decided that I had to learn how to do it. The rest is history. 

To me Rolfing SI is more than just bodywork, it's a transformative experience, and I want to share it with others.


120 East 56th Street, New York, NY, Suite 1030   917.754.5271

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